About Us


What is Law Search Pro

Law Search Pro is a social enterprise brought to you by the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services (TALS). Thousands of Tennesseans contact TALS annually online and by phone seeking legal help.  For those who cannot afford to hire an attorney, TALS connects people with services that provide free legal help. For those with means to hire a lawyer, TALS realized that there was not a way for people to easily identify and connect to a local attorney who is qualified to handle their type of legal issue. Trying to find the right lawyer can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive.That's why TALS created Law Search Pro to match people with a local, pre-screened lawyer. Law Search Pro is a lawyer referral service built for you.



Why We Created Law Search Pro

The Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services has run free legal helpline for low-income Tennesseans for more than three years and handled over 10,000 calls. When our helpline attorneys speak to someone that can afford to hire an attorney, they send that caller to a local lawyer referral service in Nashville, Knoxville or Chattanooga. For callers in West Tennessee and Clarksville that have the money and need to hire counsel, there hasn't been a good way to shepherd them to the help they need. By starting a lawyer referral service (Law Search Pro), Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services will be helping clients find qualified attorneys, providing attorneys with hot leads from paying clients in their area, and creating a revenue stream that will help Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services support its many programs geared toward those who can’t afford to hire counsel.

Who We Are

We are operated by the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, a state-wide nonprofit organization committed to:

  • Empowering its constituencies, especially those in need
  • Providing visionary and effective leadership
  • Serving the public interest by improving access to civil legal assistance
  • Promoting and modeling diversity and inclusiveness
  • Advocating for justice for those in need
  • Advancing collaboration and building consensus among providers of legal services for the common good

Attorneys we refer contribute 15% of their fees to fund programs that provide free legal services to vulnerable people in our community.



A Note About Privacy

We want you to know that we care about your privacy. When you contact Law Search Pro, we collect your information in order to refer you to the right attorney or a specific agency or community group that may be able to assist you with your legal needs.

We will only discuss your information with a potential attorney's office. We will not give out any personal information to any other individuals or advertisers.